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About the Products

LOOP™ CHARACTERISTICS – Acrylic-based Spray Paint

COLOR RANGE: Over 210 colors selected and created to offer the most complete range of shades to satisfy the most demanding artists.

HIGH COVERAGE: The product is formulated with a high content of solids, to allow quick coverage of any type of surface.

ADHERENCE: Perfect adherence on all types of surfaces generally used by “Writers.”

COMPATIBILITY: The utmost compatibility with most paints available on the market.

DRYING: It dries quickly, even in the presence of humidity.

VERSATILITY: Product that can be used all year-round. Applied at -10°C, it did not present any issue in terms of functionality, application, alteration of the paint film, loss of coverage or opacity. Applied at considerable thicknesses, it does not present dripping or cracking phenomena.

SPECIAL VALVE: Valve specifically studied for these types of products, which allows supplying paint in a constant, adjustable and accurate manner. The special valve combined to the high-solid paint formula allows to supply a “soft”, slightly nebulized spray, ensuring precision works and avoiding excessive product dispersions in the air.

COLOR REFERENCE: The color reference is extremely important for Writers, with regards to the choice of tones and use when executing the work. For this reason, a system was conceived that could faithfully reproduce the color of the product contained inside the bottle. The pad printing carried out on the dome applies the paint directly ensuring utmost color accuracy.